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Little Hooves Romneys, owned by Kenneth & Charlene Carlisle, is a multi-generational farm that previously focused on dairy production with only a few sheep.  The dairy operation was phased out and we expanded the sheep side with attention given to sheep and crop production.  Farming and livestock production has been our life for the past 40+ years.  Our farm practice is humane and healthy based on our own personal code of ethics.  Environmental changes and the impact of poor management skills can be devastating to our ecological future, keeping these thoughts in mind, we do everything possible to keep our carbon footprints small for future generations.  The lamb that we offer to you is the same that our family has enjoyed for years.  Family is very important to us and although none of our children work on the farm on a daily basis, they are always there when extra muscle is needed, sheep need to be moved or hay needs to be baled.  The grandkids are now showing and there is no better feeling in the world. 

Currently we have 250+ head of Romney breeding ewes, rams and replacement stock, grow crops and hay on 300 acres and do rotational pasture management.  They are grass fed year round, either on pasture during the summer or homegrown forages in the winter.  Growing our own feed, knowing where the hay was baled, the soy beans harvested, and the corn picked, insures that we are providing the best feed for our animals health and yours, the consumer.

Little Hooves raises Registered Romney sheep for livestock breeding sales across the US, farmers’ markets, and seasonally at restaurants.  We have established a good rapport with the public and an excellent product supported by many return customers.  Little Hooves also promotes public education of agriculture and encourages youth participation and mentoring programs.  Most often Charlene’s face is most visible to the public eye by attending sheep shows/sales and farmers’ markets.   When not in the public’s eye, she concentrates on flock management and also works off the farm as a Critical Care Nurse.  Kenny prefers to stay in the background and is the man behind the scenes, doing the field work, formulating rations, and all the other things that go into managing a large farm, thus allowing him to stay home and run the farm while Charlene is out amongst the crowds.  This teamwork has been perfected after 45 years and works well for us.

Our primary farmers’ market is the Burlington County Agricultural Center in Moorestown but on farm sales are encouraged year round.  Little Hooves is proud to offer retail cuts of lamb for your fine dining cuisine.  Special orders can be done with advance notice but most cuts are always available.  Eggs from our cage free chickens are available (with limited production during the winter months).  We also offer queen size wool blankets, machine washable pelts, raw fleece and yarn, all made from our sheep.

Thanks for supporting local agriculture!  Call or email with questions or comments.

Kenny & Charlene Carlisle

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  1. Looking for a whole American lamb for Greek Easter on or before preferably the 28th.My father wants ro do a spit barbecue with it . Can you supply it ?

  2. Heather Allison

    Hello, my question is do you grow and sell hay? I have rabbits as pets and I feel them Timothy Hay. But they can also have other types of hay (not alfalfa) I typically drive to Tractor supply to get it. It is good hay and is a lot cheaper than buying it at a pet store. I also foster for a rabbit rescue. if you have hay would you sell me a bale?

  3. Tried to call the number but I got the voicemail…wondering if you currently have any rams for sale for slaughter for the Muslim holiday coming up this sunday?

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