Little Hooves Farm Experience...A Week of Agricultural Hands on Fun

Little Hooves will be hosting more farm camp experiences this year. More weeks for more fun! The dates this summer are June 22nd thru June 26th, August 3rd thru August 7th, and August 10th thru August 14th, 2020 for ages 6 through 12. Hours 9 am to 3 pm. We will have hands on learning with a lot of fun. Days activities include various farm chores (feeding sheep and chickens, collecting eggs, etc). Each child picks a lamb to work with, teaches it how to walk on a halter and basic grooming that is necessary for proper showmanship. On final day of each week, we will have a sheep show to practice new found skills. Also during the week, we will be teaching various topics from nutritional needs of livestock and where our food comes from, what products are produced and it’s impact on our environment. Scavenger hunts, wool crafts and walking field trips to check out our fields not to be missed. Information can be found on website or feel free to contact us on FB, email or text or call 609-760-0399. Price is $425 per week. Limited space available as we strive to provide a fun educational experience in a natural relaxing farm atmosphere. Bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks. Casual attire and closed toe shoes are required, otherwise just sit back and wait for the fun to happen.

Adopt a Ewe

A Virtual Farm Experience

As a family farm, we realize how lucky we have been to experience the joy of livestock, seasonal changes and the lessons of life that come with it. When our kids were young, their friends were always so eager to see and visit the new lambs. Always so many questions and eagerness to learn that it was heartwarming. Many visitors to the farm, young or old all brighten up and smile when they see new lambs. Mother Nature is a wonderful thing. We have had many requests for farm visits, pictures and the ability to replicate what we do on a daily basis to folks who don’t have a chance to experience farm life, the birth of lambs, and the joy that it can bring a person. Adopting a ewe let’s you share the year of farm activities virtually without actually being on the farm.

Although, this is aimed more for youth, adults can participate as well. Virtual ewe (female adult sheep) adoption will be for one year. All livestock will stay on our farm (we will maintain ownership and proper humane care and feeding) but we will keep you informed of her activities throughout the year. We want this to be a family experience. Our hope is to allow you to feel the seasonal and livestock changes throughout the year and give you a better insight into farming and the work that we do. So with that in mind, we have decided to start an “Adopt-a-Ewe” experience. The following is our current plan but since farm life and Mother Nature can throw curve balls, we may make changes as this experience evolves. In the sad event, that a death should occur, we will offer a substitution ewe or refund the prorated difference. I would encourage feedback from our customers to improve our program. Little Hooves is an active working farm and we must maintain a safe environment for children, families and our livestock, therefore random farm visits are not allowed. Separate farm tours can be arranged. Consider this as a great gift for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews; it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. We will offer two plans at this time, with hope for a “Lamb Camp” this summer.

Basic Plan

  • Picture of Ewe (via email)
  • Life Story (via email)
  • Choose a name for your Ewe (female)
  • Receive Adoption Certificate (via email)
  • Child will receive a Birthday card via postal system
  • Will receive seasonal farm and livestock information with pictures (via email)
  • When your ewe delivers her lamb(s) you will receive a birth announcement and pictures (via email)
  • At any other time you are welcome to write with questions, we want this to be a fun, learning experience

Premium Plan

  • All of the Basic Plan
  • Folder to organize all educational sheep and Romney information, sheep activity forms, wool craft ideas, etc
  • A signed hard back copy of “Daisy and the Shepherd”, written by Betsy McPherson (a fellow Romney breeder), to be released and available in April 2019
  • Your ewe’s fleece upon shearing. Arrangements can be made to send (or be picked up) or send to processor to be made into something of your choosing. Shipping and processing costs will be paid by you but we will assist in finding the right processor for what you want done
  • As always, we encourage emails with questions or comments to enhance your learning experience. Should you choose to do a school project, we will be happy to assist
  • Priority registration into our “Lamb Camp” for next summer (still in planning stages)

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About Kenneth & I

Little Hooves Romneys, owned by Kenneth & Charlene Carlisle, is a multi-generational farm that previously focused on dairy production with only a few sheep.  The dairy operation was phased out and we expanded the sheep side with attention given to sheep and crop production.  Farming and livestock production has been our life for the past

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Welcome to Little Hooves!

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